Papaji's House of Teas

" a subtle makeover from Bristol interior designers Simple Simon, who seem to have the knack of turning pigs' ears into silk purses when it comes to restaurants." Mark Taylor (evening post)

Congratulations to Andy and his team on the reopened Papaji's, we naturally wish him the best of luck. One of the most succesful elements of Simon J's concept is the acrylic mirror that hides the perimeter lighting in the upstairs dining room, it elevates the ceiling and lightens the room, on top of that it shows off the fabulous vintage timber frame without letting it overpower the room. The low roll back banquettes have a fabulous contemporary look, from 2 contrasting metallic fabrics; a funky plum hexagonal pattern for the backs, and a lustrous crinkled texture for the seats. Go and have a look, what's more they'll mix you a mean Cosmopolitan.